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Our Trip to Egypt was Powerful!

Updated: May 21, 2020

The people who have made their home at the Garbage Dump are in great need, and it was a blessing to help them. When we visited families in the street at the Garbage Dump area, one of our teammates, was in tears. As a young girl, she is accustomed to the abundance of life in the U.S., so this experience gave her and the other young team members a healthy perspective as they saw the intense need in another part of the world.

God has raised up a church in the area of this Garbage Dump community, and we are developing a plan to assist them. Please pray that God will open doors for an effective cooperative ministry.

As we ministered to street children and other children, we met a young deaf girl. She knew both Arabic and English sign language; and a member of our team, Trivina, knew English sign language. Trivina was blessed to interpret our meetings, games, and other activities for this young girl who often feels left out. Praise the Lord, this made a great difference in our ministry, and the two girls became friends.

In another area, we had a great time with about 300 refugee children! Nancy, another of our teammates, enjoyed being a very active lifeguard, swimming with the children and letting them jump on her shoulders. She put a smile on their faces.

We spent time with the children and about 100 parents. It was a joy to teach God’s truth, play together, and eat together.

Christina has a unique heart for ministry and for those around her. She took every opportunity to share the word of God, play with children, and help in the refugee ministry. Christina impacted many people on this trip.

We thank you for your prayer and support. This trip to Egypt could not have happened without your prayer and your help. Every dollar helped the people there. Every bar of chocolate put a big smile on children’s faces. By God’s grace and your help, we touched many hearts through the word of God and impacted the living conditions of many families through generosity. God is opening the hearts of the lost in Egypt! 

Please continue to pray for us and our ministry. May God continue His work in Egypt to reach more people for His kingdom.

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