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Garbage Area Project


In an area called May Fifteen in Cairo Egypt, there are 400 Christian families who live in what people call the “Garbage Area.” This name is meant literally due to the poverty of living in homes built on garbage and eating food found in the trash. There is no electricity, water, schools, clinics, hospitals, and playground for the children. This is a neglected area with very poor families who are disrespected because of their living status. Their job is to collect the garbage and bring it back to where they live. There are no paved roads and no solid foundation for their homes, which is disheartening because this location is near hazardous weather conditions.

In this poverty, they are in constant work, trying to live, which hinders and combats their relationship with God. Because of the neglection, they have never been on retreats or any church activities, no revival meetings, or events. Sadly, they do not have Bibles, Christian tracks or children’s books.

Many are unable to go to school because of money. There is no school or transportation, so the children will jeopardize their life by jumping on trucks or vehicles to get to school, and some do not make it. With a lack of basic life necessities such as clean food, clothes and amenities, our ministry was able to provide them with backpacks, school supplies, and candy. In astonishment, it was their first time to ever own or have a backpack.

Vision and Mission

Our mission is to proclaim God as Savior, who fulfills and supplies all of our needs. Just as it is our job to take part of the great commission, we desire to see the least-reached become a reached community.

Giving them hope and showing them the love of God, in hopes to see a constant legacy left behind to their children and their children’s children. Empowering them to maintain this, we hope to see this community become well established. Here are some imperative actions to fulfill the vision.


1. Revival meetings

2. Retreats:

Youth, Kids and Families

3. Holiday Gifts

4. Teaching How To Fish


Costs will vary based on each event according to the currency change, the number of the participants, the number of agreeable activities, and the number of the days.

Combining the costs for all projects is a total of $49,925.

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