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Medical Needs in Egypt

I have my flight to Egypt booked! I leave next month for a three-week trip, and there is much to be done before I go. There is much to be done while I am there, too!

  • Before I travel, I am conversing with church leaders in Egypt to plan what we will do together while I am with them—and after I leave. I am also working with these leaders to provide the medical supplies. Churches will receive the medical supplies and use them to treat their own people (in the church) and anyone else, from any religious background. The purpose is not to do humanitarian work, but to build bridges for people of different faith. As they begin to experience God’s goodness, they become open to hearing the Good News. As the church meets their physical needs, the people experience God’s love in a practical way.

  • I will visit the Garbage Dump community. They are facing many hardships. I plan to give them some medical equipment, medicines, and other supplies.

  • Because hospitals have a severe lack of oxygen concentrators, I hope to buy some of these and give them to churches. This would allow churches to help the people who are sick. One oxygen concentrator costs approximately $2,500. I also hope to buy pulse oximeters so they can measure blood oxygen levels. One oximeter costs about $30. We invite you to participate! Those who have given toward this trip are blessed to be part of this practical outreach. Praise God, one of our supporting churches is providing a large portion of the money for the medical supplies. Is God leading you to join the trip by giving financially? It is a wonderful opportunity for you to serve the people of Egypt, even though you cannot be there in person. Your gifts will help provide medical supplies, food, and medicine for those in need, as well as other expenses for the trip.

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